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Welcome to Leg Jeans website! Leg Jeans Legwear was first developed in October of 2009. The Leg Jeans project has been a work in progress and a labor of love for the designer Season Neucere. The official Leg Jeans logo mark and the business name word Leg Jeans are both now officially pending trademark registrations. All designs are hand-painted original artworks owned and created by the designer Season Neucere. All designs & all Leg Jeans creations fall under the intellectual property rights of Season Neucere. All Rights Reserved. Please see the bottom of this page for copyright information. 

Leg Jeans are available for girls, teens and adults. Due to the overwhelming demand of local orders for Leg Jeans at this time, the online store will not be opening until Fall of 2012. For more information and how to find out about ordering your own custom pair of Leg Jeans please email us at LegJeans@gmail.com.  

Be sure to check out and "Like" our Leg Jeans Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leg-Jeans/335763540602?ref=ts 
Also check us out on Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/LegJeansBrand

Leg Jeans will also be available on our Leg Jeans etsy profile at http://www.etsy.com/people/LegJeans  and our upcoming shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/legjeans some time in September 2012. Leg Jeans is your new favorite legwear! Leg Jeans are free standing & adjustable legwear that can be worn with skirts, shorts, dresses and over leggings! Please scroll through our model photos and see what we have to offer.
Pages 1-2 show young girl styles, Pages 3-4 show late teen to adult styles, Page 5 show group shots & Page 6 shows individual close-ups of each pair.

Copyright © All rights Reserved. Leg Jeans!™ San Angelo, Texas. All of our  Leg Jeans information on this Web site, discussion forum, newsletters and e-mail correspondence, is protected by copyright laws. Reprint is strictly forbidden, unless stated otherwise on individual pages. Anyone posting copyrighted material or correspondence, without permission from the owner of this Web site, will be liable for damages. For reprint permission, please contact the owner of this Web site.

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